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  2. I looked for Q Williams and was unsuccessful. Wanted to support.

  3. Freeway is the man.Saw him perform at Mrtyle Beach,South Carolina at a club for Black Bike Week 2013.He’s the truth man.

  4. Elegant Hoodness | 2013
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  5. Elegant Hoodness | 2013
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  7. I would like to request Verbalz song “BK on my Fitted” ft/ Lord Vital

  8. Please play shorty go hard by Georgia boy ft lab junkyz

  9. I would like to request that “everyday” coming from Montega da Mobsta

  10. I would like to request “EVERYDAY”


  12. Looking to hear that Chucky Plat Live the Hustle.

  13. Somethin new by Death b4 Dishonor

  14. Please play- Something New, feat Lore’l

  15. DB4DH

  16. somthin new by DB4D (death b4 dishonor)

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  21. when does voting start, i don’t see how to vote..I’m excited to be once again nominated and have definitely been on my grind w/the creation of New York City’s First Rainbow Fashion Week, in which we received a proclamation from the Honorable Mayor Bill DeBlasio. Fashion is my heart and I am doing everything I can to help new upcoming designers, models, photographers, videographers, tech savvy…etc., break into this business. Next Year: Rainbow Fashion Week June 19-26, 2015 in NYC/14 Great Shows. If you are interested in getting involved or know shomeone who maybe hit us up info.rainbowfashionweek@gmail.com

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